Hi there! My name is Simone, a graphic designer and illustrator freelancer that wish to make the best out of its experiences.

ThatGuy-Shop is born from a small idea: what if I can turn my artworks in something nice and easy to sell? So here we are. I decided to create this shop with the hope to make some small incomes to help me going through this tough times.

I've starter by creating products that are mostly related to Sky: Children Of The Light; a mobile indie game whose community is a great source of inspiration and love. Unfortunately due to company's policy I had to close that chapter and I recently started creating other products related to another multi platform game, Genshin Impact.
So if you're probably here that means that we got something in common ^_^

My goal is to introduce to the shop even more products, to include more varieties of themes and contents. My hopes are to reach the hearts of the people and to make them happy by sharing with them my creations.